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Kill Bill Soundtrack CD. Kill Bill Soundtrack

Kill Bill lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2003

July, 29th 2016

Kill Bill album description:

Please name at least one person who is unaware of existence of this film. Kill Bill by Quentin Tarantino. Two parts of it have brought slightly over USD 333 million, which is 5.5 times bigger than its budget.
Despite there are 20+ songs in the collection to this movie, only lesser half has lyrics like Queen Of The Crime Council or You're My Wicked Life. By the way, these two are performed by people amongst the list of the actors – Lucy Lui and Julie Dreyfus – the first one and David Carradine, Julie Dreyfus with Uma Thurman – the second.
You have definitely heard the David Carradine’s death circumstances: he died of self-asphyxia while he was pleasing himself under the huge portion of drugs in some low-graded hotel in Bangkok, Thailand in 2009. Even men’s glances wrote about the best life example of this man to every other man – look, they told, how you have to live – aged 72 still having attraction to topics of intimacy & pleasure. He had 5 wives, several partners, many children and along with it, he drank, smoked, abused with drugs and had really strong interest to everything called ‘life’. Well, people die and all actors are people. Though not all people are actors. Which is good, because we may watch to this spectacular movie with best actors and people.
The original shooting was so long (4 hours approximately) that it has been decided to split it on two halves, releasing them with a solid distance. It was the same thing as Matrix 2 and 3, which were shoot as one and Keanu Reeves presumably got paid as for one movie, so he was deceived like this.
That Certain Female is a nice country song with absolutely unpretentious lyrics, and it was used as a nice contrast to the killing scene. In fact, almost every scene of this long-timed movie is about killing with huge blood bath. Nice…

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