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Keanu Album Cover

“Keanu” Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2016

“Keanu” Track List with Lyrics

Really funny stuff! African Americans, who always conducted the righteous life, once find a small kitten Keanu, which is kidnapped for some reason by a nasty band of really tough motherf**kers. And these two will try to look like gangsters trying to save this cute fluffy kitten, who so amazingly nicely yawns. This is comedy, parody on all this very tough movies with harsh persons who shoots before thinks. George Michael here is provided as an attraction of one of main black fellows and he so devilishly funny sings his Freedom! '90 than you just pee your pants! These two main fellows here are Key & Peele – the ones who participate on Comedy Central channel with their short sketches, on several minutes. We must admit that they are really nice actors and though their stories not always very funny, but they still amuse.
To be sincere, George Michael is present here with more than one song, several exactly. Among them are Faith & Father Figure. Most other part of the collection is full of rap, but sometimes contains Hip-Hop (for example, Tap The Bottle by Young Black Teenagers) & for example, N.W.A. with their very explicit lyrics. Tom's Diner is a cover made by Britney Spears. The essence of this song is absolutely usual lyrics that are so exciting by Susanne Vega. In the version that you hear here, they are sung lifeless and in disco-style, which totally kills the mesmerizing mood of original song. We must admit that the only cover, which Britney Spears did well, was I Love Rock And Roll (originally performed by Joan Jett in 1982). The soundtrack as has been divided into two: rap and pop by George Michael. As two worlds, from which the heroes are and their environment at the moment. Very precise. And funny. Did we mention funny? Okay, let’s mention it again – ‘cause this film deserves it.

October, 17th 2016


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