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Jupiter Ascending Album Cover

“Jupiter Ascending” Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2015

“Jupiter Ascending” Track List with Lyrics

Andy and Lana Wachowski are creators of the legendary "The Matrix ", therefore, it was impossible to expect from them something not fantastically enchanting. The movie was postponed for 9 months – they literally ran out of time to "bear" the fruit of their labor and imagination.
The first analogy that comes to mind – a kind of cosmic "Cinderella", which presented by a charming heroine of Mila Kunis. Such an interpretation of a girl who has been no more than a closets-cleaning person for all her life, and then discovers that she suits for an active participation in the intergalactic games.
Her company is certainly not a fairy godmother, but a man-wolf, acted by charming Channing Tatum. Evil tongues say that the image was not disclosed, and that the creators, in all probability, have decided to limit the canonical character with super attractiveness, rather to show his rich inner world.
A kind of cosmic tale enriched by appropriate music: completely instrumental compositions, probably intended to avoid distracting the viewer from what is happening with deep meaning of texts. Composer for the film was Michael Giacchino, a talented musician, greatly felt the spirit of the motion picture. Action is opened with work 1st Movement, which is a key in the selection. Spectacular story ends with a melody named 4th Movement, which is not weaker than the first by its impressiveness.
We would like to highlight particularly the bonus track Flying Dinosaur Fight With Guts, which was not included in the list of songs in the film, but perfectly reflected the atmosphere. In the end, summarizing the most positive emotions, the music can be described as spectacular, strong and creating the right mood.

January, 08th 2017


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