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Irrational Man Album Cover

“Irrational Man” Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2015

“Irrational Man” Track List with Lyrics

Light and airy, sometimes sad, shading atmosphere of the film, the compositions are mainly represented by instrumental ones without expressed support of voice (Good To Go, The In Crowd). One of the few films that focus on classical and vintage music emphasizes what is happening on the screen, organically placing punctuation marks in a story to include new lines (Johann Sebastian Bach presented in the soundtrack list with his Prelude & Fugue No. 2, Prelude & Fugue No. 18 and Cello Suite No. 1). The famous Ramsey Lewis Trio were included with a several songs in the selection – Look-A-Here, Wade In The Water and The In Crowd, organically shading the character of the protagonist of the film, the essence of his actions that goes in parallel with the fact listed in the title – Irrational Man. Generally, the soundtrack is slightly unusual because the songs for the film were not written specifically, using existing ones.
Fans of a great music selection from the distant and not so distant past where words were nothing but melody was everything, must necessarily like this one.
Woody Allen once again proved that the master could film almost anything. The quality of his acting work 20 years ago, does not go to any comparison with ingenious masterpieces that he do now, holding the level at such a height that only some of the masters of world cinematography may deal with it.
Angel In The Snow by David O'Neal is eclectic and a bit distracting from the overall perspective of all film, because it is the only song with words. As a good exception to the rule, it adds an excellent flavor of its ease, leaving the viewer with a touch of understatement and sadness.
It may seem to some that the film continues to relay of earlier Allen’s film, Midnight In Paris, being too ephemeral as one – this is an issue of a personal decision of each person. Emma Stone brings notes of charm wherever she is.
Soundtrack is definitely a good one.

December, 02nd 2016


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