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In Your Eyes Soundtrack CD. In Your Eyes Soundtrack

In Your Eyes lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2014

10pm Date (Instrumental)


Break Up


Connected (Instrumental)



Noah Maffit, Jessica Freedman, Written by Joss Whedon 

Did You Ever Go Sledding? (Instrumental)


Fired Up

Matt Anderson 

Glad I Found You

Eddie Ray 

Go Get Another Dream

Andrew Johnson 

I Should Go (Instrumental)


In The Dark

Opus Orange 

In Your Eyes (Instrumental)


It's Snowing (Instrumental)


Kinda Personal (Instrumental)


Look under the Hood (Instrumental)


Make a Break for It (Instrumental)


Mirror (Instrumental)


On His Way (Instrumental)


Phillip and Rebecca (Instrumental)


Quirks and Insecurities (Instrumental)


Rebecca Is Having an Affair (Instrumental)


Rebecca Put In Hospital (Instrumental)


Rebecca Visits Phil (Instrumental)


Resurrection Fern

Iron & Wine 

Stand In The Water



Ray Beadle 

The Break Up

Tony Morales 

The Riot's Gone


Time to Go To Work (Instrumental)


Together At Last (Instrumental)


Trouble I'm In


You're Real (Instrumental)


February, 12th 2017

In Your Eyes album description:

The strange plot of the film did not allow it to go to the big screens. It went out only on DVD and the concept of "box office" is not its part. What is it about – somehow two people, a man and a woman of about the same age, from different social worlds, are able to communicate at a distance with one another without the hardware or software. In general, if they speak aloud, they obtain the ability to hear each other. Add to that any means of communication – phone, tablet, notebook, etc. and you’ll get quite a typical story that someone suddenly came across someone in the process of wrong dialing and they were into a sort of romancing in the distance. So, basically, nothing special.
The film ends up with some escape to God knows where and boarding the train and embracing. Without further plans, with no hope on anything at all, they just took the train without money and documents, expecting that they will lead a normal life in future. Typically, these stories end in one, maximum 2 weeks, when they wanted as a fugitive, or they end up own scarce cash reserves and have to go back to where they fled.
Music producers have done everything possible to make the mood of the film was exceptional. For example, Santigold performed a great catchy melody of R’n’B genre. The Break Up is a composition full of despair that not only slow, but very mournful in addition. Andrew Johnson did a very good representative of the country music genre, which generally is dominant in this collection. Its examples are the Resurrection Fern and Fired Up.
Some songs of pop and Indie pop genres only supplement country sounding of all soundtrack, from which tranquility emanates along with small inconsistency. As from the motion picture.
Reference: In Your Eyes: IMDb profile, Wikipedia page

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