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Hanna Album Cover

“Hanna” Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2011

“Hanna” Track List with Lyrics

Every single moment is perfectly interspersed with fabulous music made by The Chemical Brothers. Even in the kids’ counting song, similar to one of best tracks to recent The Angry Birds Movie of 2016 (Matoma – Wonderful Life is similar somewhat to Hanna's Theme), loneliness is heard. Just a few pieces from the soundtrack differ from the total kingdom of already mentioned The Chemical Brothers – they are The Chemical Brothers & Beastie Boys, still having bros among the authors. There are also Hanna’s voiced lyrics with no music – just a piece cut out of the film, underlining the surprising monumentality of the moment.
Though this film hadn’t collected too much money (USD 60 M vs. USD 30 M of the expenditures), the work of The Chemical Brothers is mesmerizing in many ways. For example, they showed the strength of the separate sound in Isolated Howl and stretched stringed-and-percussive sounds in Marissa Flashback, tearing the eardrums. Exhaustive, isolated, solitary – just like the girl living in the woods with her father – that’s what most of their melodies are. You won’t find in the collection anything similar to Hey Boy Hey Girl by Chem Bros, which made them popular on the discos in 2007-2008. What they did for this film is beyond ordinary music. Above that – the entire album is lyrics-deprived, as every song is instrumental, except of Hanna’s speech (Vocals feat. Stephanie Dosen).
The acting of Eric Bana is below the expected in this, as he really could do better. The Cate Blanchett’s act is pretty average also. The real star here is this little girl, depicted by Irish actress Saoirse Ronan, who kills tons of bad guys, trying to get Mrs. Blanchett’s hero (which she eventually does). Now she is 22 and not at any cause makes resemblance to her little she.

November, 09th 2017


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