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Gremlins Soundtrack CD. Gremlins Soundtrack

Gremlins lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 1984

November, 12th 2016

Gremlins album description:

The film, which is a cult for many people. It has a sequel. The first part has taken more than USD 153 million while the original budget was USD 11 million. The second part is not paid off (which is unfortunate because it came out quite charming and it was a little furry fellow there – girls like these ones), collecting USD 41.5 against of USD 50 million, spent on its filming.
Michael Sembello, Peter Gabriel are outstanding personalities here. Mega Madness, Make It Shine, Out Out – are the only non-instrumental songs here. We should mention their fiery energy that complements the movie.
Anti-Christmas fairy tale, in which even the name of the main characters – green monsters – is Gremlins, which, translated from the Welsh language, means "the result of tricks of the evil spirit, when failure occurs for unexplained reasons". This can include anything – computer, TV, car, space shuttle or a toaster that suddenly gone mad. So when the toaster began to throw the bread in you and the shuttle instead of Mars flew to Jupiter – this are Gremlins who did this.
Everything in this film is extraordinary – starting from the appearance of the overgrown frogs ending with their behavior. In general, it seems that they are resting, taking the maximum and enjoying life and all that it offers, often going beyond what is permitted. Along the way, creating something that may be called a humanitarian disaster in a particular region. We believe that echoes of the appearance and behavior of these monsters we met not only where they were officially recognized in Wikipedia. But even in the small aliens from Men In Black 1 – short and skinny, who constantly smoked cigarettes from Earth and played twister with a pretty woman.
This movie is a part of Christmas heritage.
Reference: More about "Gremlins" movie: IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, Wikipedia

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