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Green Lantern Soundtrack CD. Green Lantern Soundtrack

4.2/5 (28 votes)

Green Lantern lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2011

Abin Sur Attacked (Instrumental)


Baby You Don't Wanna Know

Sum 41 


Joint's Jumpin' 

Carol Scolds Hal (Instrumental)


Come Softly To Me

The Fleetwoods 

Did Adam Put You Up To This? (Instrumental)


Drone Dogfight (Instrumental)


Fancy Women

The Roses 

Genesis Of Good And Evil (Instrumental)


Green Lantern Oath


Hal Battles Paralax (Instrumental)


Hands of Time

Groove Armada 

Hector's Analysis (Instrumental)


Lawdy Miss Clawdy

Lloyd Price 

Prologue / Paralax Unbound (Instrumental)


Run (Instrumental)


That's Where It's At

Sam Cooke 

The Corps (Instrumental)


The Induction Process (Instrumental)


The Origin Of Parallax (Instrumental)


The Ring Chooses Hal (Instrumental)


We're Going To Fly Now (Instrumental)


Welcome to Oa (Instrumental)


You Have To Be Chosen (Instrumental)


You Reek Of Fear (Instrumental)