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Grace of Monaco Album Cover

“Grace of Monaco” Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2014

“Grace of Monaco” Track List with Lyrics

The film, which begins like a fairy tale, tells what Cinderella really feels some months after her marriage to handsome prince. Yes, in life there are really fabulous occasions still happen when a beautiful girl meets a true prince and falls in love with him. He is the Prince of Monaco in this motion picture – one of the richest kingdoms of the world. The life of the royal people it's much less prosaic, every step you take, and every word of your need to be calculated for several moves ahead to make the decision to say something, because everything has its consequences.
A lot of politics, a lot of wonderful social life, many true, interstate intrigues in the film. And not those that are braided by gray faceless office plankton to feel be jealous about and spoken over by the same inconspicuous mice, choosing their existence in suffocating air from the air conditioners with the ties from Brioni.
The musical accompaniment chosen very well – here we have a classic (Miserere by The Choir of Trinity College, Cambridge) and pop (as Time Flows Like Tears) and opera (e.g., O Mio Babbino Caro by Maria Callas, whose as much as two songs are used in the soundtrack).
The mood that is created by this musical collection soothes and uplifts. All songs are incredibly beautiful, regardless of the genre, and they are absolutely perfectly emphasize the whole atmosphere of this motion picture, the same as specific screen moments. We are happy to give this collection an assessment as 10 out of 10 for its exclusive quality. If all the filmmakers would have the same serious attitude to their work, so such collections would have been more and the world would be a little better place.
Do not lose this film out of your sight!

February, 01st 2017


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