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God's Not Dead 2  Soundtrack CD. God's Not Dead 2  Soundtrack

God's Not Dead 2 lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2016

October, 28th 2016

God's Not Dead 2 album description:

Opinions of Catholics themselves are perpendicular on whether the trailer motivated them to see this movie or not. Firstly, it is too epic for a conventional movie, where through a court people try to recognize the existence or absence of a deity. That basically is impossible itself, because any deity is primarily a philosophical concept, which formed the basis of the beliefs that have been created around this deity or the center of which it began to be in the proto-religions.
Strong music collection, created mainly in the direction of the rock, which outstanding representatives are Audio Adrenaline and Newsboys. Songs like Dead Man Walking make us think about what makes a religion with people – some person used to live, not being a follower of any particular religion. And then it was worth just to get acquainted with the one, as he began to say that the whole his past life, he was like the dead. Like he was not living at all before coming into the contact with a new belief. Interesting concept, which does not actively attract new fans to the religion as it does Directions – with its soft voice, as if the pace of a cat, broadcasts in lyrics about inner feelings, not bowing fully to the sheer propaganda. Such covert advertising is always a better option than a simple and direct one. The prism of own experiences and constant praise of the Almighty in the lyrics – the main postulates not only in the soundtrack, but in the whole film. Ray Wise, one of main actors, on whose account more than a hundred roles, began his career in far 1969 and is engaged in this till now in spite of his advanced age – 68.
Welcome to the New is highly soft, life-affirming, able to awaken the love for your neighbor. Even if you are not a Catholic but a follower of Zoroastrianism or Vedic sciences.

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