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Finest Hours Soundtrack CD. Finest Hours Soundtrack

Finest Hours lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2016

October, 29th 2016

Finest Hours album description:

One of those very fantastically heroic movies, after which it is wanted to feel like a man. And to change the narrowed leggings to harsh masculine blue jeans, to grow a beard, to wear a plaid shirt and to exchange own caramel smoothie with marshmallows & small tartlets on sandwiches with stale bread and cheese along with the water from the water tap in a metal mug. One of those films where you really worry for what will happen to the main characters. There is no smeared pink snots in it like “I’m breaking up with him, he does not listen to lyrics of Justin Bieber” or “he made me look like a fool in front of my friends because didn’t buy my dog Kiki this nice little pink cushion with sequins”. Here everything is very polar. On the one side: life. On the other: death in severe iron arms of shroud of your sinking ship or a death in the ice-cold waves reaching the size of the house, which at once spike your body with a myriad of deadly needles, as only you immerse into them.
All the music for this film brings either a steady mood (The Hucklebuck), or decadent (Vaya Con Dios), so if you succumb to latter, you will remain in the ocean forever and it is ready to devour you. Kodaline in parallel with Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem sing an Irish folklore composition with the same name, Haul Away Joe, which the best reflects the mood of the film. If you try to put together all the feelings that occur from watching this movie it is the Haul Away Joe comes to mind as a collective image of all those experiences that the people of Ireland have gone through in their rich history.
Frank Loesser did a melody in two genres and its lyrics sung in the embodiment of a large choir – it is represented on this site, so it gained several extra shrill colors and is listened very powerfully.
Reference: "The Finest Hours": IMDb, Wikipedia

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