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Dumb And Dumber To Soundtrack CD. Dumb And Dumber To Soundtrack

Dumb And Dumber To lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2014

Acid Test

Micky Moody 

Adagio Absolut

Patrick Cassidy 


Empire Of The Sun 

All Things All At Once

Tired Pony 

Back At The Party

Billy Goodrum 

Blue Eyes Don't

Steve Smith And The Nakeds 

Boom Shack-a-lak

Apache Indian 

Breathing Without You

The Jane Carrey Band 



Corridor Of Uncertainty

Chris Field 


Empire Of The Sun 

Dreamin' Easy

Werner Tautz 

El Paso

Marty Robbins 


Scissor Sisters 

Finding The Money

Dumb And Dumber 

Go (go)

Billy Goodrum 

Hair Of The Dog


Harry Is Killed

Dumb And Dumber 


Ben Daniels Band 

La Paloma

Fred Herrera 

Little Girl

Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real 

Living Proof

Brad Derrick 

Lloyd Meets Mary

Todd Rundgren 

Me And You

Jake Bugg 

Mistakes Of My Youth


Numero Seenko

Lack Of Afro 

O Come All Ye Faithful

Henry Stuck 

On The Dark Side

John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band 

On The Road Again

Willie Nelson 

Periwinkle Sky

The Dahls 

Piano Quartet In G Minor (Instrumental)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 

Relax Baby Be Cool

Stereo Total 

Right Action

Franz Ferdinand 

She Got A Mind

Natural Child 

Skinny Dippin'

Heinz Kiessling 

Smell Yo Dick

Riskay Featuring Aviance And Real 

Sticky Situation

The Jane Carrey Band 

String Quartet In A Minor (Instrumental)

Franz Schubert 

Sweetheart Serenade

Werner Tautz 

Taken By Force

Christopher Lennertz 

Ten Million And Two

Yvonne Devaney 

Tender Years

John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band 

The Rabbit's Nose

Shannon And The Clams 

Things Will Change

Treetop Flyers 


Empire Of The Sun 

Too Much Of A Good Thing

The Sons 

Tu Eres Hermosa

Mariachi Bandido 


The Ides Of March 

Wandering Star

Empire Of The Sun 

Wanna Feel It

The Olms 

When I'm Alone – Lissie


While U W8


Winning Zone

Larry Gates 

January, 23rd 2017

Dumb And Dumber To album description:

This film used so many tracks, which inevitably raises a question – why? Only 51 are compositions with voice, and 2 more are instrumental. 53 in total! Even musicals do not have so many. Recent motion picture of this genre – Into The Woods – contains only 49 compositions, half-divided between the vocal and instrumental ones.
The second part of the film could not be so stupid and unforgivably awful. It ruined all the easy charm of the misadventures of two blunts, a little doofuses and even somewhere charming straightforward persons who are lucky enough to spend some time as the kings, till the luck is over.
Here, in the second part, the viewer is faced with spew heinous plot twists and situations so bad that it becomes no longer funny, but just disgustingly ugly. They needed to know where the humor ends. The creators have stepped too far over this line.
In spite of all the bad things it contains, it paid for itself four times (while the first part has collected USD 230 million against the USD 17 million budget).
Rock dominates here amongst all music collections (She Got A Mind), with a country at the second place (On The Road Again). Incomparable Nazareth pleased us with their majestic presence, and there exists a group that sang almost 1/10 of the entire collection – Empire Of The Sun. One of the very good compositions of the Indie rock genre – Wanna Feel It, which creates sublime and romantic atmosphere, great for looking into the distance, dreaming about something own. Of course, in such a large collection there is more variety of the genres. Here you can also find pop, rap, classical, funk and some Latin American style.
Reference: "Dumb And Dumber To" on IMDb and Wikipedia

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