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Dixieland Soundtrack CD. Dixieland Soundtrack

Dixieland lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2015

Andrew Oye

Drop D 

Back 2 Tha Lab


Big Ballin


Comin' Up Quick


Fresh Out


God Whispers

Lindsay Huggins 

Highway 281

Eddie Saenz 

I Had A Dream

Eddie Saenz 

Let Me Get Back Home Some Day

Carl Reid 

Livin' Like An Animal


Pretty Tennessee

Carl Reid 

Son Of A Gun

Lee Hazlewood 

Song For The Broken

Brad Carter 

Tangled Up

Brad Carter 

Up In Here

Pepp (feat. Dd) 


Carl Fritscher 

November, 01st 2016

Dixieland album description:

Faith Hill is the most famous among all the cast of the film about two people flying low enough. One of them is just released from prison, a drug dealer, who is trying to look as the good guy all the story. Second is his new girlfriend, always goes in tight shorts and works as a stripper. The entire population of this small town is some kind of a freak show. During the plot, we learn about the exotic dancers, the owner of the strip club, gangs, robbers, a former biker, who now turned into a priest, and about even bigger bunch of negative characters. The brightest moments in the film are completely revealed in its trailer & the plot is completely retold in the public open sources. Therefore, you should make your own decision – whether to spend your time & money on this film that has not left even a piece of the veil of secrecy, or not.

Musical accompaniment is different – from rap (Fresh Out) to the gospel (God Whispers by Lindsay Huggins). As if to symbolize the contradictory nature of the main characters that appear good when listening the country (Son Of A Gun), or suffice disgusting, listening to LOWC.

All you need to know about this film – it is trying to show the futility of the evolution of small provincial towns, where there is no hope to do something really good. There are no prospects to be self-realized. Just leave it away, to try your luck some place else, not to drink in a strip bar every night, monotonously coffin your health. The main question that we have personally formulated after watching movies as such, showing hopelessness of these small settlements is why their inhabitants have not yet gone to where there are some prospects? Fear? But it is inherent to all of us. Reluctance to change anything? This reason is more serious. Contentment with all? In this case, it is at all gloomy.
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