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Dancer In The Dark Soundtrack CD. Dancer In The Dark Soundtrack

Dancer In The Dark lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2000

July, 11th 2016

Dancer In The Dark album description:

This is one of a few films where stars Björk (Iceland singer, whose full name is Björk Guðmundsdóttir), directed by cult Lars von Trier. She wrote music to this film. She possesses all the songs in this soundtrack. This singer is excessively successful, as for Iceland performer. How much do you know other singers from that cold piece of land? If to name only really famous ones outside this state, not looking in Wikipedia, then she will be the only one. For a long time, she lives & works in US and that movie really triggered her to move there to continue her so brightly started career. For that film of 2000, she received 16 various awards and nominations of different kind for acting talent and 7 more for composing talent which vividly expressed not only in music, but in her lyrics in songs to a film. Not before, not after, she had so much attention to her humble person, but since then she participated in 3 more films and released 5 more disks.

This motion picture four times overcame its budget in the box office, though we cannot call it tremendous – only USD 46 million vs. USD 12.5 of budget. Catherine Deneuve also received her piece of glory, but a true star was Björk. This film tells a story of Czech immigrant in US, who is not supported by anyone and raises a small son. She is wooed by persistent man, also a blue collar of that factory, the same poor as the girl. What is really heartbreaking is that she loses her vision because of progressing illness and one day this wooer actually uses this against her – he steals a purse of almost blind woman, where she kept lots of money for the eye operation.

She has own bright world. In song Cvalda she introduces her friend from the factory with fine lyrics; in Scatterheart reveals own sadness and In the Musicals dreams of herself as an actress of the musical.

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