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Concussion Soundtrack CD. Concussion Soundtrack

Concussion lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2015

October, 31st 2016

Concussion album description:

Will Smith may sooner receive an Oscar acting in films such as this than Leo DiCaprio. At the very least, revealing a complex nature, character and destiny of a man, who fight for the truth against a huge corporation – it costs a lot. For this role, he even carried an alien accent for him and changed the appearance, becoming more courageous and less cute, as Will always was.
Music selection to this strong movie is the same not weak. The main tone here sets lyrical music like blues (by Teddy Pendergrass) and soul (So Long). Chris Tomlin gave rock notes, which bring us closer to the divine. The film even has these words, spoken by the protagonist – that America was so close in his understanding to paradise that he wanted to live here when he was little. What could be closer to a heaven than a song of the gospel rock genre, as Chris finely executes within the soundtrack?
In The Darkness gave us notes of slow singing, typical for all the music that preaches a oneness of Humanity with the Nature. Calming-relaxed genre of lounge, where is more heart than words or sounds. For those who love afternoon peace, such music will be the perfect companion. Or when you need quickly and well to fall asleep before the night.
Love T.K.O. saturates us by a slow bliss in which all thoughts bow out and go, leaving you alone with yourself and music that flows like a great lazy river. It is one of the songs played by Teddy Pendergrass, who wrote many similar tunes in his creative career and became a great favorite of the public because of his feeling of what he does.
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