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Creators said they are happy trying B1 by themselves and it's what they sought img 0

The new word in the War history

Games industry is not standing still, and it never was, but now there is noticeable progress as never before. Can you remember the difference between the first and the last samples of games based on Lara Croft Tomb Raider? Now even compare the set’s very last part with a new model. We present you our admiration for Battlefield 1! It's awesome! Amazingly purest details and plenty of things that were studied to help real shooters and masters. The game's just getting ready to conquer the world. After all, the upcoming stands for perfection. Amazing graphics cannot be only one aspect, which keeps the whole game on…

Feel like a hero

B1 is the new word in the history and it concerns First World War. Main advantage contains in the fact that creators worked together on every type of weapon. That weapon was the basis for the creation of B1. Each model has been personally tested and lives at the site, with all the details were taken into account. All the sounds that you hear during this game are real sounds (real shots). We can say the same of methods of recharging weapons, and more. Nevertheless, of course, it was impossible to pass how dust smells or gunpowder smokes, but this omission won’t be fixed anyway, unless there appear new versions of computer techniques that can deal pass the smell. Realism is the main criterion for creating games. As for the B1 poster, many people evaluated its blatant realism: all characters are really like played by actors, not done on the computer. This means that the development of industry is evolving. Soon we will see even better results, probably.

First Premiere

Fans are delighted by the upcoming premiere: soon we will be able to enjoy great opportunity to play amazingly inspiring B1. Soundtracks also deserve separate mention, which were carefully chosen in the special theme of the game's view. Try to enjoy that trailer: here we see how soldiers together with major for role of who you act intrude on the offensive and have a defensive position. Hero moves forward along all path very gently and slowly for attacking oppositionists, coming out as winner from incredible battle for life and death. If you've always wanted to try yourself in the role of a brave soldier who is committed to the purpose and is not ready to be back, no matter what, B1 is perfect for you.