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The book is the basis for the scenario is very different from this work: maybe that's why fans are so indignant  img 0

New Space Odyssey

After Jennifer Lawrence broke into Hollywood with her epic roles, including a significant role in the X-Men franchise, she continues to be the one amongst the most popular ladies acting on stage. Not surprisingly, the large-scale project Passengers did not pass without her participation. Lawrence plays a major role, together with Chris Pratt, who, oddly enough, had many detractors among fans.

How long can you sleep?

The film is set in the relative future. The characters are the two main heroes who are sleeping, patiently waiting for their awakening in the new world in which they can live happily ever after. However, something is clearly going wrong with the ship on which their slightly creepy cradles are located, so they have to defend it because equipment suddenly refuses. This future world, as almost everything that was built on technologies, the main characters cannot understand and this is not surprising. They have no idea about what is happening and why time suddenly so radically changed its course. The abundance of technology scares but, at the same time, it is also a tremendous opportunity to be used for the benefit of, if not to themselves, at least to rescue the ship, and together with it, they are coming into the future. At the same time, we see on the screen a developing love story between the two main characters: we cannot say that we have not seen Lawrence in this incarnation, but this role has done by her clearly not worse than Mockingjay.


Many of the audience knew that Chris Pratt was not going to play in this movie, but at the last moment, something changed. We will not argue: Chris in a very good-natured face and type a whole, he is not the appropriate rescuer of the universe, but his sincerity and acting talent still hint at the fact that he will cope with his role well. Scenes of a personal nature periodically glimpse in the movie, although they are quite modest. In fact, even in these moments, there is a special promise: two people are in a strange world, they are literally on the brink of death, and then, and now their fates depend exclusively on them. Therefore, they have to develop a new weapon in the record shortest time and go on the warpath.