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Book of Life, The Album Cover

“Book of Life, The” Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2014

“Book of Life, The” Track List with Lyrics

Pleasant and fascinating film about love. But not such as one’s might think hearing the words "love story". Princess, though sweet and charming, does not want her heart to be conquered – she is very independent girl. The main character descends to the underworld to be with his beloved, because some local god made him immortal. That is, in fact, translated into another world – the world of the dead.
Channing Tatum plays again in the movie. He appears on the screen or in the voice acting more often than any other actor on this site. Now he has a period of active work and we cannot blame that he immersed himself in these duties.
Everything in this film is done either with love serenades (I Love You Too Much) or a volume sound of a large orchestra (Ecstasy of Gold). But here still some catchy songs that you feel like dancing (El Aparato / Land of the Remembering by Café Tacuba). Half of the music performed by the professional singer, Diego Luna, who continues a good tradition – singer starring in a movie. A talented person should be talented in many aspects. He is a singer and performer of songs and actor and director and producer – all in one bottle. Very much influential personality at his native land. One of the most mentioned people in Mexico.
There were more other famous actors voicing the film. Cheech Marin is among them, who played as much as three different characters in a movie From Dusk Till Dawn by Quentin Tarantino. And in general, he starred in 116 films. But you probably already know this. And another person here – Danny Trejo – has starred in 302 films, a tremendous amount! And yet as much as 27 films will come with his participation this and next years. And this number grows. Simply fantastic!
As many as 56 actors involved in the voicing of motion picture – a legion – who made a decent quality movie.

January, 26th 2017


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