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Armageddon Soundtrack CD. Armageddon Soundtrack

Armageddon lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 1998

July, 11th 2016

Armageddon album description:

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the name of this film, Armageddon? Of course, I Don't Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith. The soloist of this band – Steven Tyler, whose daughter plays here also – has a little husky voice, which is recognizable by billions of fans throughout the world. His fantastic talent & bright promotion campaign made this film of 1998 a total box office success – with tremendous at that time budget of USD 140 million, it has collected almost 554 M! If you are observant enough, you could meet several other songs by the same band in the soundtrack, among them are Sweet Emotion and Come Together. All these, with the first mentioned, are huge hits. The main and only difference between them is that all except of ‘I Don’t…’ were written before that motion picture started to be filmed, and ‘I Don’t…’ was done especially for this. They knew what they were doing – tremendous submission, fantastic emotions and witty lyrics did their part – this single reached number 1 in many charts of 1998, including Australia, Germany, Italy, Norway, Ireland, Switzerland, Austria and, of course, US. It has become thrice: Silver, Gold and Platinum in many countries. And for the ones who really adore this piece, they should definitely listen to Mark Chesnutt, who made a nice cover, which also lasted in charts for several weeks.

As for other famous performers in this collection, we have here Patty Smith and Jon Bon Jovi. In the lyrics of the latter one, in one of not his best songs, as for us, still is found drive and fantastic guitar possession, underlining the truth of the moment, for which it was designed. Patty Smith is a little different, although she sings rock too. It does not contain the same quantity of energy like Jovi’s brainchildren, but still admirable.

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