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Tudors, The Soundtrack CD. Tudors, The Soundtrack

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Tudors, The soundtrack lyrics

TV, 2009
Wolsey commits Suicide (Finale) (Instrumental)


Wolsey Arrested for Treason (Instrumental)


Behold the King of England (Instrumental)


England Reborn (Instrumental)


A Country at Death's Door (Instrumental)


Hallucinations (Instrumental)


The Sweating Sickness Arrives (Instrumental)


To Love a Country (Instrumental)


A Queens Loneliness (Instrumental)


The War Room (Instrumental)


Buckingham plots for Murder (Instrumental)


The Passion of King Henry (Instrumental)


Whispers and Confessions (Instrumental)


Mixed Messages from Anne (Instrumental)


Jousting (Instrumental)


Fun and Games (Instrumental)


Visions of a Great Ruler (Instrumental)


More's Love of a King (Instrumental)


An Historic Love (Instrumental)


Cardinal Wolsey's Secrets (Instrumental)


Henry Meets Anne Boleyn (Instrumental)


Pathetic Fallacy


Pleasured Distractions (Instrumental)


Murder in Urbino (Instrumental)


Main Title Theme (Instrumental)