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The Tourist Soundtrack CD. The Tourist Soundtrack

4.5/5 (22 votes)

The Tourist

Soundtrack for Movie, 2010
A Very Nice Dinner (Bonus Track) (Instrumental)


A Very Nice Hotel (Instrumental)


A Very Nice Kiss (Instrumental)


Aftermath (Instrumental)


Arrival At Venice (Instrumental)


Arriving At The Ball (Instrumental)


Because I Kissed You (Instrumental)


Bedroom Dreams (Instrumental)


Burned Letter (Instrumental)


Chase Through The Canals (Instrumental)


Dance in F (Instrumental)


Elise And Alexander (Instrumental)


Elise Offers A Ride (Instrumental)


Paranoid Math Teacher (Instrumental)


Personal Cheque (Instrumental)

James Newton Howard 

Piecing It Together (Instrumental)


Rain of Bullets (Instrumental)


Rooftop Run (Instrumental)


Sudden Departure (Instrumental)


The Infinite Price (Instrumental)


The Janus Safe (Instrumental)


Tracking Elise (Instrumental)


Your Choice In Men (Instrumental)