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Iron Head Lyrics

Iron Head by Zombie Rob  

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Iron Head What Is The Purpose?
Demonoid Phenomenon
Regulate The Flux And Reflux
So Bring it On
Loose Upon The World
Destruct A Juggernaut

Suddenly The Rats Are High
Bleed The Masses, Watch'em Cry
Slumber Like Houdini's Dog
Die Alone Out In The Fog

Iron Head,
Iron Head,
Iron Head - Crucify you

Iron Head - Regenerate
Iron Head - Exterminate
Iron Head - Liberate And Crucify You

What Is My Name?
Demonoid Phenomenon
Laugh In Your Face And
Break Because You Don't Belong
Vent Upon The Brink
Appear Another Demi-God

Suddenly Forever Knows
What It Takes And Where It Goes
Paint It Black Inside Your Head
I Defy What You Have Said


Suddenly the rats are high
Bleed the masses watch' em cry
Slumber like Houdini's dog
Die alone out in the fog

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