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Zita Swoon Lyrics One perfect day

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One perfect day

by Zita Swoon. Buy album CD: Other Songs 3 - W

I'm floating through the air
I made my escape about a week ago
I'm cruising with a present from space
Destination variable
That's all you need to know

My companion is a
Big, hot and beautiful
She can't stand no one else
Cause of the woe she's coming from
There's only one more chance
That she straightens out
If one perfect day
Somebody's gonna get her
Money enough
So she swings out of the circle
She was caught in
Some years ago

But for now
We're floating OK

Morning light
When we left my hotel room
Ships our tune
She wanted to carry my bag
To the land
We had to get back in soon
Of balloons
To grab our heart attack

I don't know where I stand
My destination?
My fascination?
Love dedication?
This song is old!

This high won't pass away again
That old damned devil
Won't fool me again
I'll never let go of my beauty balloon
And my big loving woman
Does the same

It takes only fool's courage!
Love, love...
To dump the heavy shit load!
Love, love...
If you have fear of frontiers!
Love, love...
You got to jump back on!

Alley cat style

Morning light
She was faster than lightning
Ships our tune
She wanted to let me know
To the land
It was a little bit frightening
Of balloons
She said she told me so
Morning light
We got into my closet
Ships our tune
Put on a beautiful shirt
To the land
Let's not jump to conclusions
Of balloons
We stroke down in the dirt

If you wanna ride
Don't ride the white horse
If you wanna ride
Try ride the green pony

It takes a damned fool's pride!
To let a good thing go!
If you have fear of frontiers!
I ensure you it's fear of the fun
Junky shit you dig on!

That's right
If you have fear of frontiers
If you have fear of frontiers
If you have fear of frontiers
Blow a balloon up the wind
you skate on

When we left the hotel room
She wanted to carry my bag
We had to go back in soon
To grab a heart attack
We got into the closet
Put on a beautiful shirt
Let's not jump to conclusions
We stroke down in the dirt
About 11 minutes later
We had to come on out
To see a superman movie
And turn the lights all out

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