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Viet Nam War Lyrics

Viet Nam War by Zach Swift  

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Viet Nam War Mama said Son, how can you be happy when your brother way
Over in Vietnam?
How can you be happy when your brother way over in

I told her
I said "Mama he may got lucky and win some money
Oh he got to may bring some money back home"

Mama looked at me
She said "That ain't no way to talk about your brother"
But he's my child too
She said "Mister Johnson is tellin' everybody.

Exactly what he want them to do"
All right my child
What if Uncle Sam was to call you boy? (I would be so
Oh I would miss you so much I may die
Yes if Uncle Sam should call you, Oh Lord I miss you so
Much I may die
Yeah you know when you get over yon' and get to fightin'
Them soldiers,
Yeah you know you're gonna be fightin' way upon my heart

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