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You Say Party! We Say Die! Lyrics

You Say Party! We Say Die! List of Lyrics

Album: Lose All Time (2007) Lyrics
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  1. Midnight Snack
  2. Teenage One Hit Wonder
  3. Five Year Plan
  4. Downtown Mayors Goodnight, Alley Kids Rule!
  5. Opportunity
  6. Teenage Hit Wonder
  7. Monster
  8. Like I Give A Care
  9. Poison
  10. Moon
  11. Giant Hands
  12. Dancefloor Destroyer
  13. You're Almost There
  14. Quiet World
Album: Hit The Floor! (2006) Lyrics
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  1. (Overture)
  2. Cold Hands! Hot Bodies!
  3. Stockholm Syndrome Pt.1
  4. Stockholm Syndrome, Part II
  5. You Did It!
  6. The Gap (Between The Rich And The Poor)
  7. Midnight Snack
  8. Love In The New Millenium (Your Pants My Couch)
  9. Jazz Crabs
  10. Rise
  11. He! She! You! Me! They! We! Us! Ok!
  12. Don't Wait Up
Album: Other Songs Lyrics
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Album: You Did It/Love In The New Millennium Lyrics
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