Youngbloodz intro/gp's interlude Lyrics

Youngbloodz Lyrics Youngbloodz intro/gp's interlude

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Youngbloodz intro/gp's interlude

by Youngbloodz. Buy album CD: Against Da Grain


[Dana Lewis + {scratching}]
"Get 'em off" "Sean Paul"
"Get 'em off" "J-Bo"
Youngbloodz... "Get 'em off" "Youngbloodz"
Youngbloodz... "Young-bloodz" "Get 'em off"
Youngbloodz... "Young-bloodz" "Get 'em off"
Youngbloodz... "Young-bloodz"

[Sean Paul]
Now do you got what it take?
Do you know how it feel to be a Youngblood?
The elite, drankin, smokin them dubs - too much give a fuck
Cadillac ridin dubs so nigga what?
I whip them X on them Vogues - them Cadillac with fo' do's
I had about three chunky hoes, to make that thang up fo' sho'
Me and my niggaz we roll, fifty trips to the sto'
Them and in and outta way police knockin at my do'
Remember dis bitch nigga, used hit ya with bows
Now cock it back 32 times and let that bitch unload

See I'm about to letcha know, about the Y to the O to the U-N-G
To the B to the L to the double O, D-Z is who we be
Youngbloodz, we whassup, don't give a damn, don't give a fuck
So watch out know, cuz really; I don't think you even wanna buck
and act on us, so hush that fuss
before we bust, so don't press ya luck
Because it ain't much, as we construct
To lay you down on the ground
So what with backseat, we gon' clown
Better tell you wussies don't make a sound
As we take you on a journey, comin live from the A-Town

[Dana Lewis + {scratching}]
Youngbloodz... "Young-bloodz" "Get 'em off"
Youngbloodz... "Young-bloodz" "Get 'em off"
Youngbloodz... "Young-bloodz" "Get 'em off"
Youngbloodz... "Young-bloodz" "Get 'em off" ...

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Album: Against Da Grain (1999) Lyrics
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