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by Young Bleed. Buy album CD: My Own

Ain't nothin to it but to do it when shits trecherous
Go to my ? and get sick wit it like da exorcists
Hataz can't get next to dis I flex wit dis
I promise you dat
Or loose your life on purpose nigga
I'ma be back
Dat nigga don't wanna see dat
I'm haunted by night stalkers to death
Rippin your click apart
Till it ain't no one left
Now who's da first to die
Here da killaz cry young
Pacin back and fourth against da wall wit dey nuts huh
I'm ? powerful split da world go get your dictionary
And paint a perfect picture 4 da pictionary
Nigga I hope you see what I'm seein
Bein A naughty nigga walkin da world
You can either swim wit da fishes
Or straight go nuts wit da squirels
Go call Earl my nigga
Shit he ain't listenin
I'm findin niggaz shinin till dey glistenin
Steadily whisperin words through corridors
>From da 36
Chambers of Death
The vital signs of mental language iz der
You can't explain it yourself
So now you muggin me
I'm scannin yo mind to find you rather put a slug in me
But da people dey be buggin me
Maybe cuz of somethin dey heard
Come to find out dey recordin every word

[Hook] To all my niggaz wit da glock 9's
Dat's my nigga wit da 4-5
Dat's my nigga wit da tech 9
Dat's my nigga dodgin 1 time
Dat's my nigga

I ain't talkin to savage niggaz tryin to die next to me
Bitches break dey self to lie in ecstasy
Police claim dey catchin me
So all da savage niggaz come wit weaponry
They lady lie down on da ground convicted felony
Dey tell every nigga to die young
If you down in da burough
Every ghetto thug ready to die thorough
Nigga act like you know if you don't know
Da T.V. don't show
Boyz in da hood livin savage
And my ? ya heard me
Fo sho do
Dem niggaz ain't knowin dat we tryin to keep it alright
And out of sight nigga
Ball 4 life wit ya
You ready but iz you sho do
Take a couple of hits and make some mo do
Nigga fuckin wit a zag zigger
Brakin bricks up in a big bag
Back and fourth we pass da zig zag
Nigga don't give a fuc if you bigger
I'm tryin to see off in your heart
Wanna light a spark
Cuz evil niggaz glow in da dark ya heard me
Don't start no shit it won't be no shit
Until a nigga wanna snitch like a bitch
Tryna dig your boy a ditch
Cuz he don't wanna see you get rich
Hatin on da man dat I am
Ain't dat some shit
Iz ya ready for me
I'ma blood nigga dats trecherous

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Album: My Own Lyrics
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