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Honey: Birrkuta Lyrics by Yothu Yindi


Honey: Birrkuta by Yothu Yindi

Djipul yipul yipul. Wangarrwiryun guku djuwan. Wirrya wirrya wirrya.
Ngurruwu rangam ganinygu.
Garinydjingu warray dhananydja. Gurrangarr rambarrparr. Rilmirilmi warray.
Djanggulkarra Malaypa. Dalngadalnga warray. Wangawuy Ganganbuy warray.
Ngulupambuy warray.
You find goodness in the honey, like a new found energy
Like the way we live and the way we breathe
Our ultimate existence, the backbone of my children
Come from the honeycomb, where they will be the diving bird
To find the Yirrikyirrik.
Lupthuwa garinydjingu. Malaypa Dalngadalnga, Gurrangarr rambarrparr.
Ngayiwuy Ngulupambuy.
Where there is flowers, you will surely find the bees
Humming and a’buzzin, making sweetness everyday.
We must be like the bees, make the world a better place
Map the way and shape the clay, in many ways we can.
Lupthuwa Garinydjingu. Malaypa Dalngadalnga. Yothu dhuwanma gurrurrwiya.
Ngayiwuy Bundawiling Dhul dhul yuwa guku. Wanygul yuwa guku. Djipul Yipil
Yipul. Wirrkatatja guku. Guyuwa Djuwanma guku. Dhunupangu guku. Guyuwa
Djuwanma guku. Wirrkatatja guku.