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Monokuroomu Lyrics

Monokuroomu by Yoko Kanno  

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Monokuroomu Where all the colors are, ocean
The silent ocean knows, your face, your reality
Haven't been the same lately
Wonder could it be a lack of devotion?
Seeing in monochrome
Who taught you emotions (x2)
Feel, can you feel?
Might be why colors disappear
The place we call our soul, ocean
The cyber ocean see's your dreams, your totality
Nothing stays the same
Someday, I hope you will make more lasting connections
Feeling in monochrome
Who taught you emotions (x2)
See, can you see?
Colors that the ocean offers

Be, can you be?
Something more than black, white, and grey
Being in monochrome
Who taught you emotions? (x5)

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