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Yesterdays Rising Lyrics Cealin To Da Floo

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Cealin To Da Floo

by Yesterdays Rising. Buy album CD: When We Speak, We Breath

Shawty so crunk she commin' out her clothes
dick so big got caught in her throat. Do it hurt?(Yeah!)
Do it hurt?(Hell Yeah!) one lil two that's what you get when
you let a nigga lick that click.Do you like it?(Yeah!)Want
a nigga to bite it?(Hell Yeah!)From the cealin'(From the cealin)
To da flo'(To da flo') Cuz that hoe don't want no mo'(No mo')
that bitch bett have my dough(my dough) suck it suck it suck it
suck it suck it suck it suck it suck it suck it suck it suck it.
Lick it lick it lick it lick it lick it lick it lick it lick it lick it lick it lick it

*Verse 1:*
Niggas I'mma tell ya, ya can't trust a bitch as far as you can smell 'em
ya betta lick that stamp and mail 'em back ova there to da otha
fella. I care less(like I'm 'spose to) Always tryna stay fresh(like I'm
'spose to) Don't tollerate that stress(like I'm 'spose to) I'll punch
a bitch in the breast (In the chest?) Yeah!! Yeah!! I caught up wit
this hoe she sucked my dick behind the sto' and I skeeted in her
throat then a nigga had to go I had to roll.Then I'm lookin for another
head harder. Georgia dome put your mouth on the dick give me
Georgia dome. I love pussy pussy's good but it always bleed when the
time of the month come.Bitch get your licks!

Fuck nigga that's enough said see a bitch is only good for a duck head.
Quacker.Yours degrate and pure jaw jacker. A low selfesteem nigga
can't outmack her. Bring her to the world of a low down nigga.She da
bomb! You gottta pass the hoe 'round nigga. Here she come! And all
boxes fall shawty wanna play with the balls! Bitch please I'm hotter
than 400 degrees! The only time you use your mouth is when you get
on your knees so don't speak you shouldn't be sayin nuttin at all cuz
it's hard to talk with a mouth full of dick and balls. So put it in your
mouth and blow put it deep down in your throat. A nigga like me don't
wanna hear that shit so do what the fuck you've been told.

I smoke by myself(still by myself) I drink by myself(drink by myself)
I fuck these hoes by my got damn self. You smoke by yourself(what
you do shawty?) You drink by yourself(what you do shawty?) You fuck
these niggas by your got damn self.(what you do shawty?)(what you
you do shawty?)And don't forget about the women that love to get ate
out if you eat red lobster she'll suck your thang off. Now that's a full
course meal for a nigga like me. I'm sorry I ain't gonna eat. Now
I don't eat nothin that get up and walk away somebody I gotta look
at face to face.I say eww that's nasty, nigga if you want to eat it you
can have it!!!

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