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Do we stand a chance? Lyrics

Do we stand a chance? by Yellowstone & Voice  

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Do we stand a chance? One Voice- Do We Stand A Chance

Ever since I set my eyes on you
I knew you were the one
That I've been waiting for so long

So many times I've searched for love so true
And now I've found you
I pray that you'll be mine forever...

Tell me do we stand a chance at all?
Or will you be a memory,
living in my dreams forever?
Do we stand a chance at all?
I know that love and destiny
will bring the two of us together

Baby... what do you feel inside?
I try to find an answer
when I look into your eyes
These feelings are so hard to hide
and everytime I look at you
I feel my HEART CRY...

Can't you see that all I want is for you to know
How much I really need you
Cuz I love you so
Right now I can tell that in time...
You'll be near
I can't wait for the day
When you'll finally be here


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