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Resolute Lyrics by Yellow Second


Resolute by Yellow Second

Reaping the seeds i planted
Things that i always took for granted
I feel a little bit unstable
Tell me if i'm willing are you able
To come and help me out right now?
If you do, i'm resolute
I wonÿt back down
Broken and i'm still breaking
Change is my latest undertaking
Iÿm only hoping that tomorrow
Has a greater hope for me to borrow
Iÿm separated from the rest
I will try, but i can only do my best
Today i saw myself with honest eyes
And my face i barely recognized.
If the wounded never heal
What will i do?
How will i feel?
Can i assume,
At least pretend,
That things will work out in the end?
Sunken and I'm still sinking
And you're the only thing I'm thinking of
Ties that I could hardly sever
When I'm needing you now more than ever