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Up hill both ways Lyrics

Up hill both ways by Yellowcard  

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Up hill both ways Every time I try, I try
to read between the lines
i'm left wondering why I get so lost
every time I try; I try try to rationalize
when everyone went wrong. Why did we die?
Every time I think about what it would be like
without all the things you did to me.
Why these thoughts keep running through my head.
Nothing to believe. Look back find the things I’ve lost.
There is nothing left of myself it seems.
There is nothing left. Up hill both ways.
Nothing left to say. I don’t know how I made it this far.
I don’t know how. Don’t know how. I made it last this long.
I made it this far. I don’t know why. Don’t know why. I tried.
Why these things keep going through my head.
Going through my head. Don’t know which way to turn.
Which way to turn. Its back. Goes up hill both ways.
Look back to the things I’ve learned. There is no excuse.
Up hill both ways. Nothing left to do, no where to run away you’ll see.

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