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Yankovic Weird Al Lyrics Ill Be Mellow when Im Dead

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Ill Be Mellow when Im Dead

by Yankovic Weird Al. Buy album CD: Other Songs A - Y

I don't care about your karma.
I don't care about what's hip.
No space cadet's gonna tell me what to do.
I won't swim in your Jacuzzi.
You can't make me settle down.
I'd rather kick and jump and bite and scratch,
And scream until I'm blue.
I may as well be hyper,
As long as I'm still around.
'Cause I'll have lots of time to be laid back,
When I'm six feet under ground.
I'll be mellow when I'm dead. (6 times)
When are you
Cosmic cowboys
Gonna get it through your head.
I'll be mellow when I'm dead. (6 times)
I can't stand the smell of incense.
I don't really like to jog.
No Joni Mitchell eight-tracks in my car. (ooh)
I hate anything organic.
Even health food makes me sick.
You won't catch me sipping Perrier
Down in some sushi bar.
I tell you, now's the time to go for
All the gusto you can grab.
You'll have plenty of time to be low-key
When you're laid out on the slab.
I don't want no part of that vegetarian scene.
I won't buy me a pair of designer jeans.
No redwood hot tub to my name.
I got all that I want,
And if it's all the same to you,
I don't need a course in self-awareness
To find out who I am.
And I'd rather have a
Big Mac or a Jumbo Jack
Than all the bean sprouts in Japan!
So don't ask me what I'm into.
I don't need to prove I'm cool.
I'll break your arm,
If you ask me what's my sign.
I won't tell you where my head's at.
I don't need to see no shrink.
Psychosis may be in this year,
But I'm really not that kind,
And I'm in no hurry to be casual.
In fact I think I'll wait
Until I'm pushing up the daisies.
(Like, wow, man, can you relate?)
I'll be mellow when I'm dead. (9 times)

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