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XXX Maniak Lyrics

XXX Maniak List of Lyrics

Album: Split W/Lymphatic Phlegm (2005) Lyrics
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  1. Try Our Atkins Friendly Jizz Load
  2. Mannequin At The Campsite
  3. 58 Cumstains
  4. Enslaved In The Rape Chamber
  5. Adoration Of The Feces
  6. Dead In A Drainage Ditch
  7. Cemetery Bukkake
  8. Ghost Torturing Dance Party
  9. Too Young, Too Hot
  10. Boys Forced Into Prostitution
  11. Negrosexual
  12. The Father Was A Fondler
  13. Slaughterhouse Pornography
  14. Young, Stupid, And Ready
  15. Illegal Teens Do Anything For Money
  16. Smut Castle
  17. Not A Matter Of If, But When
  18. Gorestar
  19. Object
  20. Once You Touch My Doorknob, You Are Mine
  21. Ass Gin And Cunt Juice
  22. There Is No Way To Protect Your Family
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