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Bags Of Fun With Buster

by Xspace. Buy album CD: Other Songs 2 - K

Performed by Johnny Japes and His Jesticles. Recorded for Viz
Comics, written and produced by Andy Partridge, Neville Farmer,
And Dave Gregory, and featuring John Otway.

Who's that dragging what looks like a pink sack of spanners down the road?
His swollen folly on a supermarket trolley to alleviate the load
Testicular tomfoolery
To the rescue of humanity
It looks a lot of balls to me

Fun and japes and merry frolics
With Buster Gonad's bulbous bouncing . . .
Bags of fun with Buster
And his super scrotal cluster

Who's that lad with his cobblers clad in a disguise of some form?
When the cosmic power of a meteorite shower made them swell beyond the norm
Now here he comes to save mankind
His enormous nuts not far behind
And they're not the salted kind

He cures mutes and alcoholics
When they first see his bulbous bouncing . . .
Bags of fun with Buster
And his super scrotal cluster
There's bags of fun with Buster
See them shine with evil lustre

Buster! Watch out for that revolving door
Ooh Buster! They look so incredibly sore
Buster! Especially as you drag them through that powerful
Cleaning agent someone spilled upon the floor
Ooh Buster! why do you let your sack swing so low?

"Sax swing solo?" Yeah!

Fun and japes and merry frolics
With Buster Gonad's bulbous bouncing . . .
Bags of fun with Buster
And his super scrotal cluster

Doctor Who could defeat the Daleks
If he had Buster's swinging space age . . .
Bags of fun with Buster
And his double Sputnik thruster
Bags of fun with Buster
Just to stroke them would disgust her
Bags of fun with Buster
If she held them would you trust her?
Bags of fun with Buster
Loads more balls than General Custer
Bags of fun with Buster
Lots more scrots than you could muster

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