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Big (the Big Show Theme)

by WWF. Buy album CD: Other Songs A - RA

And well it's the Big Show!!

[Mack 10]
I gas-hop when I hit my six-fo' pedal
I rock and got fans from ghetto to heavy metal
I took it to the next level - guard gated estates
And marble floors with the the slight bezel
Aiyyo I hit the freeways to keep my guns tonin
Get high, start zonin, get paranoid and leave my pits roamin
Then gently, slide into the seat of my Bentley
Hit the town and if you hate then you're jealous evidently
I'm full platinum for the millenium, my ice bigger
Touch my watch or my chain and get shot at least twice ni'a
I be the brightest star shinin in the show
Now everybody say hoe if you love Mack 1-0 (hoeeeeeee!)
And to the female fanbase that consume
You gotta be, willin to give up the womb to see my room
So if you're bout that and in your mouth I can burst
Then meet me backstage and have some rubbers in your purse

Chorus: MC Eiht (repeat 2X)

We get in, where we fit in, y'all know the time
Hoo-Bangin', gettin scrilla, y'all check the rhyme
G's in, 2K, nine-nine's behind
Behold, frontline, it's our time to shine
[K Mac]
I show psycho, pull the plug and make the mic blow
Show no mercy, these mere mortals can't hurt me
It's such a pity, I hit the streets and stalk the city
I be lookin for Trouble, you better call me if you see that fool
That's the same dude I used to chase around school
And take his lunch money, and laugh cause it's funny
What's happenin loc? My whole crew on hundred spokes
We ain't no jokes, in them Chevies with the 'draulics
My game is so polished cause I got the street knowledge
Flossy flossy - never let nobody boss me
I calls the shots, and I takes the whole pot
Stop, drop down, don't wanna hear a sound
From nobody - we'll straight turn out the party
I stays to myself, I don't mess with nobody
Spend it all now - save WHAT for later?
Up to my penthouse suite, in my private elevator


[Boo Kapone]
It's the B double-O, so act like you know
I'm sippin on Mo' on my way to 'The Show'
What's crackin? All y'all invited
So throw your hands up, act a fool and get excited
I leave you Limp like Bizkits, when I kick it
Ghettoriffic, splendid, money's tremendous
Endless, sippin on Pain mixed with Hennes'
Smashin in the drop-top on them thangs that don't bend is
What y'all tellin me, life's in hell in me
Been doin this since Rakim whistled "My Melody"
I stay calm, blew up spots like Vietnam
And all the kids go crazy for Boo like Pokemon

Chorus + [MC Eiht] Geyeah!

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