Salt N Pepa- "Break Of Dawn" Lyrics

Wrestling Lyrics Lyrics Salt N Pepa- "Break Of Dawn"

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Salt N Pepa- "Break Of Dawn"

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(Yes, yes, y'all, and you don't stop)
Keep-keep it on 'til the break of dawn
(Boom-bam-slam) Keep-keep it on
Keep-keep it on 'til the break of dawn
(Boom-boom-bam-slam) Keep-keep it on
Keep-keep it on 'til the break of dawn
(Boom-boom-bam-slam) Keep-keep it on
Keep-keep it on 'til the break of dawn
(Boom-boom-bam-slam) Keep-keep it on
Jam, S-A-L-T pump up the bass
S-A-L-T pump up the bass
S-A-L-T pump up the bass
S-A-L-T pump up the bass
On and on keep it on 'til the break of dawn
I'm-a rip shop and drop the bomb
Boom-bam-slam with the jam in effect
Catchin' wreck, catchin' wreck with the Pep
Yet, yo, I'm-a flow like the now
You know my style buck-wild
Rippin' scripts, dive and dips, dip and dives
Overdrive, I'm in overdrive
Goin' off, never to the loss, of course
I'm the best, yes, I am, yes
Yo, so here I go again
I'm in like Flynn guarateed to win
So step back with the battleship grip
Word to mother, my brother, you're outta my tip
Let it go, let it go, I just wanna flow...uh, and keep it on
I'm gonna keep it on until the break of dawn
Big-big Pep keep-keep it on
I'm gonna keep it on until the break of dawn
Big-big Pep keep-keep it on
Check it out (what?), big Pep PG
Not rated R, I can flow without the B's
And the F's and the A's, gotta have a taste
To kick, gotta have the P's
To pick up the bass, pump up the bass like that
When you pump it up it makes me rap like the pro that I am
Hear what I am, yes, I am, gotta have the D for the "damn"
Jam on the one, jam on the two, oh yeah
Give me my ? on a dare, cuz I'm the rare
Do you see a woman rip shop?
But I'm here to drop and drop
Here 'til I can't 'ford no more
Sucker MC's better be out the door
More I pour, get to the core
When I finish, girlfriend, you're gonna be sore
Word, the big birdy's like that y'all
Big Pep Denton is crazy, phat y'all
Word is born, keep it on, yeah...'til the break of dawn
[CHORUS (repeat)]
One-two-three it's me - S-A-L-T
The woman to be, can't ya see?
On the microphone I stand alone - psyche
Pepa P got the left, I got the right
As if you didn't know the flow got better with the weather
Fall off never that never, never wack ever
I'm butter like my leather
Clever, yes, I'm a lady that's clever
Rockin' it, rippin' it, yes, I'll be kickin' it
Kickin' it, brothers be trickin' and trickin'
Don't stop, don't stop, I won't stop
I can't stop, I can't stop
When I hear the beat I'll be damned not to get ill, kill
Yo, Salt, chill, what ya mean "chill?"
Chill, I know how you feel
When I hear the beat I wanna flip, too
Let me show you how I do
In '92 I was on the L, '93's time to get off the L
And watch my pockets swell like hell
Can't ya tell how Pep be livin'?
Livin' every day livin' like it's Thanksgivin'
Cuz I got the gift to get swift on the mic
Al'ight, psyche, cuz I'm the type to get it hype
Get it up, get it on, that's word as the break of dawn
[CHORUS (repeat)]

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