Mystikal - "The Game" (Triple H) Lyrics

Wrestling Lyrics Lyrics Mystikal - "The Game" (Triple H)

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Mystikal - "The Game" (Triple H)

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Chorus: Ras Kass
I'ma do what I wanna do, when I do it
Ain't nuttin that you can do, when I'm gon' do it
Rap gane recognize the game
and we came to bring the pain
I'ma do what I wanna do, when I do it
Ain't nuttin that you can do, when I'm gon' do it
Rap gane recognize the game
Mystikal, Ras Kass came to bring the pain
I got mo' anger than you got in yo' whole body in one arm
and that's a threat to Triple H, three times the harm
That's right, you face to face with a villain
Any has-been, gets harassed and gon' feel the ???
Jump off roofs, land on backs
Stomp on tongues, walk on necks, then I flex
Crackin heads, I can't get no rest
So many enemies, I don't know who to fight next - c'mon!
I'd like to see you try to explain that to my, FIST..
.. why it's in yo' forehead!
And if you really think you got what it takes
to step to the game, GO RIGHT AHEAD!
[Ras Kass]
The ghettofabulous Rat Pack, inner city NASDAQ
Young savages, that don't know how to act
Rebels without a gat, that pin you to the mat
Got devils havin flashbacks of When Animals Attack
In a world that's assed out, after I spaz out
Mash til I cash-out, hit my coffin and blast out
(Why?) Cause real riders still do real things
I'm "The Man in the Iron Mask," break steel guillotines
Name is Rass Kass, livin Burger King style
Have it my way, all day, every day
Drink smoke lay, the game and no play
Straight out of L.A, baby - "Get in my bel-ly!"
Protein diet (??) just another Watts riot
"All the ugly people, be quiet!"
The R-A-S K-A-Double-S, yes
Snappin necks for some live effects
I don't like you.. and when I'm here
and when I walk out (boooo) I see you don't like me too
I've got a physical ability for causin misery
You get maddest when I feed off your negativity
For every boo, I'ma leave a bruise
For every bad gesture, I'ma leave your ass messed up
Watch your mouth, you talkin loud to the hard tester
Back it up, you won't see nuttin unless I LET YA
So you can keep that in mind when I pass by
This is your big chance to say hello to the bad guy
I run with the north side, dirty aren't I..
.. cause I'm three times hellafied!

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