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Here Comes The Money

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Here comes the money (Here we go, money, Uh)
Here comes the money
Money (9x)
Dolla Dolla
Dolla Dolla
Ching Ching
Bling Bling
Cut the Chatter
You ain't talking money
Then your talking don't matter
Ching Ching
Bling Bling
Pattin' Pockets
You make a dolla dolla
Can't a damn so stop it(?)
Here comes the new kid on the block
Hold all your bets here's where the buck stops
See first of all I am steppin' out on my own
Bout time I elevated to claim my own thrown
Success in my blood
Call it home grown
Pores reakin' testosterone
Power and money got me crazy, cocky
No longer need you papi
I know your mad because you can't stop me
and if you wonder how this playa done scooped your honey
I think she smelled my cologne
It's called brand new money
Making (something?) movement ain't a damn thing funny
Pimpin' hood rats and playboy bunnies
They see the...
Money (9x)
They Say Its
They Say Its
Money (9x)
Say What
Say What
Say What
I'm global dolla dolla
and roll with bout 50
Like to go out smelling fresh and lookin' spiffy
Don't like clean money
I want my riches to be filthy
cause with everytime it's fun
I get done til I'm 60
So what am I supposed to do
Roll in two
Stand there pattin the pockets
'Till I'm stackin' only two
Ching Ching
Bling Bling
Got the cash in lumps
It's a four wheel here to jack
and I'm selling them out my trunk
Whenever, whatever it takes to shake down a dolla
Although in that direction wait a minute
Holla Holla
All wants to know
Where they go
Where they went
and I'm makin monster money
smellin just like a mint
Money (9x)

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