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Cypress Hill- "Rock Superstar"

by Wrestling Lyrics. Buy album CD: Other Songs 2 - FA

A lot of er... sharks out there
Turn up to take a bite of something
What's hot
A lot of comedians out there
Try to change up
Every time something new comes along
Everybody wants to buy it
Don't happen overnight
So you wanna be a rock superstar, and live large
A big house, 5 cars, you're in charge
Comin' up in the world, don't trust nobody
Gotta look over your shoulder constantly
I remember the days when I was a young kid growin up
Looking in the mirror, dreamin about blowin up
The rock crowds, make money, chill with the honeys
Sign autographs or whatever the people want from me
Shit's funny how impossible dreams manifest
And the games that be comin with it
Nevertheless you got to go for the gusto but you don't know
About the blood, sweat and tears
And losing some of your peers
And losing some of yourself to the years past, gone by
Hopefully you don't manifest for the wrong guy
Egomaniac and the brainiac
Don't know how to act
Shits deep 48 tracks
Studio gangster, mack,
Sign the deal, thinks he's gonna make a mill
But never will til he crosses over
Still filling your head with fantasies
Come with me, show the sacrifice it takes to make the cheese
You wanna be a rock superstar in the biz
And take shit from people who don't know what it is
I wish it was all fun and games but the price of fame is high
And some can't pay to play
Feel trapped in what you rapping about
Tell me what happened when you lost clout the route
You took started collapsing
No fans
No fame
No respect
No change
No women
And everybody shits on your name
So you wanna be a rock superstar, and live large
A big house, 5 cars, you're in charge
Comin' up in the world, don't trust nobody
Gotta look over your shoulder constantly
And be a rock superstar, and live large
A big house, 5 cars, you're in charge
Comin' up in the world, don't trust nobody
Gotta look over your shoulder constantly
People see rock stars
You know what I'm sayin
But you still try to
Get out'n work like, like... everybody else, you know
You know, it is a fun job but it's still a job, you know
Save your money, man... Save your money too
Hit single don't last very long
You know I'm sayin
I mean I'm lucky in this game too
There's gonna be another gat comin out
Looking like me, soundin' like me next year
I know this
It'll be a flipside
Of what you did
Somebody's tryin to spinoff
Like something serious
(Sen Dog)
You ever have big dreams of making big green
Big shot, heavy hitter on the main
And you wanna look shanty
In the Bentley, be a snob and never act friendly
You wanna have big fame, let me explain
What happens to these stars and their big brains
First they get played like all damn day
Long as you sell everything will be OK
Then you get dissed by the media and fans
Things never stay the same way they began
I heard that some never give full to the fullest
That's while fools end up dining on the bullet
Think everything's fine in the big time
See me in my Lex with a chrome raised high
So you wanna roll far
And live large
It ain't all that goes with bein a rock star
My own son don't know me
I'm chillin in the hotel room lonely
But I thank God I'm with my homies
But sometimes I wish I was back home
But only no radio or videos didn't show me no love
The phony, gotta hit the road slowly
So the record gets pushed by Sony
I'm in the middle like Monie
And the press say that my own people disown me
And the best way back is to keep your head straight, never inflate the cranium
They're too worried about them honies at the Palladium
Who just wanna cling on, swing on,
And so on
Go on, fall off,
The hoes roll on
Till the next rock superstar
With no shame
Give him a year and he'll be right out the game
The same as the last one who came before him
Gained fame, started gettin ignored, I warned him
Assured him
This ain't easy take it from weezy
Sleezy people wanna be so cheesy
They're fuckin' evil

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