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by Wildhearts. Buy album CD: Other Songs 2 - THE

Someone out there really likes me, you're never gonna be this side of ninety
You'll never feel the strength of wonder to get out of the shit I'm under
Do I sense some depravation? I've got a toothache and an itching
The face to face and loser zeros, and I'm a-shouting and illegal
[slow as] ( -me), stop, wait, stop, wait, stop, wait,
We could be anywhere, but you choose up there
All the drinks, ([oh]) for [fast] (so), you act like you never take a
Sip ([..]) 'til I (say) get down (so), you're feeling deep
In need,

Inglorious, we'll take a back stance
Shake your face and buckle your pants
Wake and see, you're young and free and boring us
Inglorious - 20 month leaders, anger fuel of a justice appears
Don't cry pain, you'll [break your chains/make no change], it's obvious

When you believe your class of bitching, someone been your pointless listening
And make [..] when you love your [..], and then they're just as weak as you are
So unhappy 'bout your vision, and come inside your blank tradition
A week of never beat the heroes, a week of degradation follows

Stop, wait, stop, wait, stop, wait,
We could be anywhere where the future shares
Something fast, (so) be good, (so) be better, (and) be eighties am I
Set (back), the cash, (back) will come when the work is done
In [dream],

Inglorious, we'll take a back stance
Shake your face and buckle your pants
Wake and see, you're young and free and boring us
Inglorious, so make a few steps,
Scare the wind and obey 'em or else
Sex and sin will suntan skin in all of us


Sell it all in a minute
[cue empty/ endlessly]
All the girls want to mother you to sleep
Still, well I can hear your bullshit
Still, I can hear it all, raaaaa, aaaaa
Who will catch you when you fall? [paul]

Stop, wait, stop, wait, stop, wait, stop, wait
You could be anywhere, but you choose up there
So you quit ([..]), the first ([time]), the last ([time]), the losers and the
Bas ([tards]), insist ([it's]), an ever growing list of debt

Inglorious, well take a back stance
Take your place and buckle your pants
Wake and see, you're young and free and boring us
Inglorious, well maybe it's you, music's all that'll ever get through
People tire so quickly of the glamourous
Inglorious, inglorious

[press a bit of butter?!?] x4

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Album: Other Songs 2 - THE Lyrics
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