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See Beyond The Void Lyrics

See Beyond The Void by Whispering Forest  

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See Beyond The Void See Beyond The Void

Wandering this world of rivalry.
Deception breeds a haze of fear.
Each companion an enemy.
We are doomed to live in solitude.

The eyes of the damned.
Just stare into the void.
Watching their dreams, they die.
They see only emptiness.

I see the wolves
Among the black sheeps.
Just another maggot
Among the butterflies.
I see the rats abandon the drowning.
Another suspect of beauty, not guilty.
All of us are wandering
This world of rivalry.
Where deception breeds
A treacherous haze of fear.
Where soul companions
Become archenemies.
All of us doomed
To live in loveless solitude.

I walk past their cold damnation
As I see beyond the void.
The eyes of the damned
Just stare into the void.
Watching their dreams,
They die,
They see only emptiness.

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