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Weird al theme

by Weird Al Yankovic. Buy album CD: Other Songs 198 - DO

Well this is a story 'bout a guy named Al
And he lived in the sewer with his hamster pal
But the sanitation workers didn't really approve
So he packed up his accordion and had to move

To a city in Ohio, where he lived in a tree
And he worked in a nasal decongestion factory
And he played on the companies bowling team
And every single night he had a strange re-occuring dream
Where he was wearing leader-hosen in a vat of sourcream
But thats really not important to the story

Well the very next year he met a dental hygenist
With a spatula tatooed on her arm (on her arm)
But he didn't keep in touch and he lost her number
So he got himself a job on a tator-tot farm

And he spent his life savings on a split level cave
Twenty miles below the surface of the earth (of the earth)
And he really makes a mighty fine jellybean and pickle sandwich
For what its worth

Well one day Al was in the forest trying to get a tan
When he heard the tortured screaming of a funny little man
He was caught in a bear trap and Al set him free
And the guy that he rescued was as grateful as can be

And it turns out he's a hot-shot producer on tv
So he gives Al a contract and what do ya' know
Now hes got his very own Weird Al Show


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Album: Other Songs 198 - DO Lyrics
cd Buy "Other Songs 198 - DO" CD
  1. 1985 food medley - 13 - bologna
  2. 50 ways to get bin laden
  3. Ahmish Paradise
  4. Angry white boy polka (includes angry white boy na
  5. Angry With Boy Polka
  6. Asshole sun
  7. Attack Of The Radioactive Hampsters From A Planet
  8. Avocado
  9. Baby Got Jack
  10. Big And Loud
  11. Bologna
  12. Bomb Iraq
  13. Bomb That Iraqi Boy
  14. Burger King
  15. Bye Me A Condo
  16. Cafeteria Mold
  17. Callin In Sick Today
  18. Cats In The Kettle
  19. Chewbacca What A Wookie
  20. Chewy
  21. Christmas memories or weird al yankovic
  22. Christmas Memories Or Weird Al Yannkovic
  23. Constipated
  24. Couch Potato(Lose Yourself Parody)
  25. Cows with guns
  26. Darth vader uses ebonics
  27. Don't Shoot Mister Postman
  28. Don't You Forget About Meat
  29. Elmo's Got A Gun
  30. Goin Huntin
  31. Grandpa's A Pornstar
  32. He Got The Wrong Foot Amputated
  33. Hello I Love You Let's Get Tested For Aids
  34. Homer And Marge
  35. I Feel Like Throwin' Up
  36. I Ran Over The Taco Bell Dog
  37. I Ran Over The Taco Bell Dog (R)
  38. I'll Repair For You
  39. I'm the only gay eskimo
  40. Internet Sandman (Enter Napster)
  41. It's Moldy Now
  42. Jamies Got A Gun
  43. Jedi Knight
  44. Kermit the frog on weed
  45. Living la vida yoda
  46. Llama Song
  47. Make My Boobies One More Size
  48. Mmmmmmm
  49. My Fart Will Go On
  50. My Girlfirend Died
  51. My Name Is.... Darth Vader
  52. Only Gay Eskimo
  53. Ooby dooby dooo
  54. Oops I'm Pregnant Again
  55. Oops... I Farted Again
  56. Pet names for genitalia
  57. Pretty Fly (For A Rabi)
  58. Rice Rice Baby
  59. Rye Or The Kaiser-Theme From Rocky XIII
  60. She Gotta Pee
  61. Six Words Long
  62. Spameater
  63. Spiderman
  64. Spongebob Squarepants
  65. Star Trek Rhapsody
  66. Star Wars Cantina
  67. Steak Number 3
  68. The Great Mighty Poo
  69. The Jedi Song
  70. The Night Santa Went Crazy (Extra Gory Version)
  71. The vagina song
  72. This Song Is Just 6 Words Long
  73. Tickle Me Elmo
  74. Titanic
  75. Title of the song in question
  76. Trash day (rotten herre)
  77. Ugly Girl
  78. Ugly Irl
  79. Wannabe Stormtrooper
  80. Weird al theme
  81. Which Backstreet Boy's Gay?
  82. Which Bsb Is Gay?
  83. Who Let The Cows Out?
  84. Whole Lotta Lunch
  85. Win 95 Sucks
  86. Windows 95 Sucks
  87. Yoda-Everybody's Free
  88. You're good enough for now
  89. Baby Likes Burping
  90. Barney's On Fire
  91. Because I Got High
  92. Belvedere Cruising
  93. Bomb Sadam
  94. Born To Be Mild
  95. Cheerios, Apple Jacks, Cheerios
  96. Chicken Pot Pie
  97. Christmas Memories Of "weird Al" Yankovic
  98. Crampton Comes Alive
  99. Dead Car Battery Blues
  100. Don't Touch That


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