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Watchtower Lyrics Whenever God Shines His Light

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Whenever God Shines His Light

by Watchtower. Buy album CD: Control And Resistance

Do do do do do etc.

Whenever God shined a light on me
He opened up my eyes so I could see
When I look up in the darkest night
Then I know that everything' gonna be alright
In deep confusion and great despair
When I reach out for Him, He is there
When I'm lonely as I can be
Then I know that God shines His light on me

Reach out for help and He'll be there
With Him your troubles you can share
And if you live the life of love
You'll get the blessing from above

Well He heals the sick and He heals the lame
So you can do it too in Jesus name
He'll lift you up and turn you around
And he'll put your feet back (feet back) on higher ground

Do do do do do do doo etc.


Do do do do do do doo etc.

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Album: Control And Resistance (1989) Lyrics
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  1. 1308 Ohio
  2. 18 Bullet Holes
  3. A Girl Called Johnny
  4. A Golden Age
  5. A Life Of Sundays
  6. A Man Is In Love
  7. A Pagan Place
  8. A Song For The Life
  9. Afraid Of The Dark
  10. After 40 Days
  11. Ahead Down The Highway
  12. All My Way Ireland
  13. All The Boys Love Carrie
  14. All The Things She Gave Me
  15. Anatomy Of A Love Affair
  16. And
  17. And The Healing Has Begun
  18. Apocalypse Now (The Non-Hollywood Version)
  19. Bang On The Ear
  20. Barely Out Of Teenage
  21. Be My Enemy
  22. Beatles' Medley
  23. Because The Night
  24. Been A Long Time
  25. Behold The Sea
  26. Big Brass Bed
  27. Big Enough To Hold Me
  28. Big Lover
  29. Big Word Tyranny
  30. Bigger Picture
  31. Billy Sparks
  32. Bleecker Street
  33. Blowing In The Wind
  34. Blues Is My Business
  35. Born To Be Together
  36. Both Of Us'll Feel The Blast
  37. Bring 'em All In
  38. Buckets Of Rain
  39. Burlington Bertie & Accrington Stanley
  40. Bury My Heart
  41. Calling Back My Spirit
  42. Careful With That Melletron, Eugene
  43. Cathy
  44. Church Not Made With Hands
  45. Circus Song
  46. Come Fall On Us
  47. Come Live With Me
  48. Come To Me
  49. Coming In To Harbour
  50. Completely Known
  51. Confessions Of A Broken Down Man
  52. Corn Circles
  53. Cowards Never Win
  54. Crown
  55. Custer's Blues
  56. Dancing Barefoot
  57. Death Is Not The End
  58. December
  59. Don't Bang The Drum
  60. Down At The Riverside
  61. Down Through The Dark Streets
  62. Dreams
  63. Drunken Head Blues
  64. Dumbing Down The World
  65. Dunford's Fancy
  66. Eden Again
  67. Everlasting Arms
  68. Everybody's Guilty
  69. Everyone's Beautiful
  70. Experience Week Song
  71. Father
  72. Find Me In The Valley
  73. Fisherman's Blues
  74. Forever Young
  75. Further Up Further In (instrumental)
  76. Further Up, Further In
  77. Gala
  78. Galeana
  79. Get Me Clear
  80. Girl From The North Country
  81. Glastonbury Song
  82. Gloom Higherwa
  83. Go
  84. Go Find John
  85. Going Back To Glasters
  86. Going To Paris
  87. Good News
  88. Gospel Train
  89. Gulf Crisis Lullaby
  90. Hardened
  91. Has Anybody Here Seen Hank
  92. Have You Fallen On The Cornerstone
  93. He Will Come
  94. Heaven Gets Closer Every Day
  95. Hey, Hey, Hey
  96. Higher Bound
  97. Higher In Time
  98. His Perfection
  99. His Word Is Not His Bond
  100. Holy
  101. Hope
  102. How Long Will I Love You?
  103. How Many Songs Till I Get Home
  104. Hunting The Tender Heart
  105. Hush
  106. I Ain't Gonna Work On Maggie's Farm No More
  107. I Am
  108. I Could Run Away
  109. I Know She's In The Building
  110. I Know The Plans
  111. I Will Not Follow
  112. I Will Not Forget You
  113. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
  114. I'm Afraid I'm Not Supposed To Be Like This
  115. I'm Afraid That I'm Not Supposed To Be Like This
  116. I'm Afraid That I'm Not Supposed To Be Like...
  117. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
  118. I'm Still Here
  119. I've Been In The Storm For You
  120. If You Want To Get Free
  121. Improv
  122. In Search For A Rose
  123. In Search Of A Rose
  124. Indian Story
  125. Instead
  126. Iona Song
  127. Is She Conscious
  128. Isis
  129. Islandman
  130. It Should Have Been You
  131. It's All Gone
  132. Just Like You
  133. Kaliope House
  134. Karma
  135. Killing My Heart
  136. King Electric
  137. King Of London
  138. Kiss The Wind
  139. Land Of The Living
  140. Late Train To Heaven
  141. Learning How To Rest
  142. Learning To Love Him
  143. Learning To Remember
  144. Legend Of Vertigo
  145. Let It Happen
  146. Let It Loose
  147. License To Kill
  148. Lonely Sometimes
  149. Long Way To The Light
  150. Lost Highway
  151. Love And Death
  152. Love Anyway
  153. Love That Kills
  154. Lucky Day Bad Advice
  155. Malediction
  156. Manifesto
  157. Martin Decent
  158. Medicine Bow
  159. Meet Me At The Station
  160. Mister Fox
  161. Mister Powers
  162. Mother Cluny
  163. My Baby Keeps Me Sane Sometimes
  164. My Father Laid His Hand On My Shoulder
  165. My Little Hands
  166. My Love Is My Rock In The Weary Land
  167. Nectar
  168. Nectar (7 Days)
  169. Night Falls On London
  170. No One Told You
  171. Nobody 'cept You
  172. Not Enough Time
  173. Oh Shenandoah
  174. Oh, Girl
  175. Old England
  176. On A Night That Felt Outdated
  177. One Night Out In The Rain
  178. One Of Many Rescuers
  179. Only Heroes Live Forever
  180. Out Of Control
  181. Outro
  182. Peace
  183. Peace Of Iona
  184. Personal
  185. Porcelain And Wine
  186. Preparing To Fly
  187. Prince Medley
  188. Psalm 131
  189. Psalm 18
  190. Psalm 18 (Bonus Track)
  191. Purple Rain
  192. Put In Me
  193. Questions
  194. Rags
  195. Rags (Second Amendment)
  196. Rare, Precious And Gone
  197. Ready For The Monkey House
  198. Red Army Blues
  199. Restoration
  200. Rock In The Weary Land
  201. Room To Roam
  202. Saints And Angels
  203. Savage Earth Heart
  204. Save Me (Psalm 69)
  205. Scared
  206. Seaweed Shovelling Song
  207. She Is So Beautiful
  208. Silversword
  209. Since I Am So Sick
  210. Sink Or Swim
  211. Some Of My Best Friends Are Trains
  212. Somebody Might Wave Back
  213. Something Fantastic
  214. Something That Is Gone
  215. Something's Got To Go
  216. Song From The End Of The World
  217. Song Of The Mermaid
  218. Song Of The Open Road
  219. Song Of The Steppes
  220. Sonny Sailor Boy (live)
  221. Spirit
  222. Spiritual City
  223. Spring Comes To Spiddal
  224. Still You Would Be Found True
  225. Strange Boat
  226. Stranger In This Land
  227. Such A Shallow Pool
  228. Suffer
  229. Sunny Sailor Boy
  230. Sweet River Roll
  231. Sweet Thing
  232. Sympathy For David Icke
  233. Take Jericho
  234. Take Me
  235. Tender Mercy
  236. That's Not Enough
  237. The Animal (Not Big Enough)
  238. The Big Music
  239. The Charlatan's Lament
  240. The Day
  241. The Earth Only Endures
  242. The Fall
  243. The Girl In The Swing
  244. The Lion Of Love
  245. The New Life
  246. The Pan Within
  247. The Raggle Taggle Gypsy
  248. The Razor Light
  249. The Return Of Jimi Hendrix
  250. The Return Of Pan
  251. The Soul Of Slavery
  252. The Star And The Sea
  253. The Stolen Child
  254. The Three Day Man
  255. The Thrill Is Gone
  256. The Trip To Broadford
  257. The Ways Of Men
  258. The Wayward Wind
  259. The Wedding
  260. The Wedding (live)
  261. The Whole Of The Moon
  262. The Wind In The Wires
  263. The Worst Is My Being Alone
  264. There Is A Fountain
  265. This Is The Sea
  266. This Is The Sea (Galway, The Leisureland 29.7.87)
  267. Those Who Trust
  268. Though I Feel Alone
  269. To Chase Away The Birds
  270. To The Doubter
  271. To The Singer On The Stage
  272. Today
  273. Too Close To Heaven
  274. Too Hot For Clean Head
  275. Trumpets
  276. Two Gunslingers
  277. Two Gunslingers (Tom Petty Cover)
  278. Unwind
  279. Upon The Wind And Waves
  280. We Are Jonah
  281. We Will Not Be Lovers
  282. What Do You Want Me To Do
  283. Whatever Thing
  284. When Love Comes Tumbling
  285. When Will We Be Married
  286. When Ye Go Away
  287. Whenever God Shines His Light
  288. Where Are You Now When I Need You?
  289. Whether Or Not
  290. Who We Need
  291. Why Look At The Moon
  292. Wicked Web
  293. Will The Circle Be Unbroken
  294. Winter Winter
  295. Without You
  296. Wonders Of Lewis
  297. World Party
  298. You Are So Good To Me
  299. You Can't Always Get What You Wantz
  300. You Can't Hide
  301. You Have Redeemed My Soul
  302. You Knew
  303. You Lay Me Down
  304. Instruments Of Random Murder
  305. The Eldritch
  306. Mayday In Kiev
  307. The Fall Of Reason
  308. Control & Resistance
  309. Hidden Instincts
  310. Life Cycles
  311. Dangerous Toy


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