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Any Day Now Lyrics

Any Day Now by Watchmen  

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Any Day Now Touching down
It's frozen town
Look around
I grew up, I fell down
Nothing changes
Nothing changes
'Cept the red light
Nobody changes
Nobody changes
Wanna see them tonight

(Chorus) Everybody gather 'round
Everybody drink it down
I'm feeling like a one legged-man
Always made to take a stand
Any day now it will come (X3)

I'm walking
Just laugh it off
All the heads turned
Familiar faces help me
Shake the cold off


It sounds like bullsh*t but,
You ever notice?
This old town of ice and snow
It gets you running yeah
To chasing something
What it is I'll never know
I just hope one day that it shows

Any day now it will come (X7)

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