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The Rise Lyrics

The Rise by Wasp  

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The Rise [Jesse to the Welcome to my world
Invisible Circus] To my kingdom of make believe
I’m your new Messiah
You’ll worship at my feet

Welcome Kingdom Come
To disciples that I preach
Will ya, bow down before me and
Will you remember me?

[Invisible Circus] Dying for you
[Jesse] Will I lie to thousands
[Invisible Circus] Our God is you
[Jesse] Am I deceit?
[Invisible Circus] Falling for you
[Jesse] I am the God man
[Invisible Circus] Our God is you
[Jesse] You’re all at my feet

[Jesse to the Take me
Invisible Circus] Change me
Love me
A crown of thorns on my heart

Change me
Save me
Will you love me?
Forever nailed to your cross

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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