It Ain't Nothin' Wrong With You Lyrics

Warren Barfield Lyrics It Ain't Nothin' Wrong With You

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It Ain't Nothin' Wrong With You

by Warren Barfield. Buy album CD: Worth Fighting For

(feat. Mista Grimm, Boss Hogg, Damone & LaToiya Williams)

[Chorus: Warren G - repeat 4X]
It ain't nuttin wrong with you
Me and you (we do it nasty, nasty)

[Warren G]
I once knew a girl named LaShonda
Short little cute thing
With a pinky diamond ring
She was iceless
My game was so priceless
Givin her a facial
I was G'd up
From the feed up
Pushin the bent
With the midnight tint
Huh, heaven sent

[Mista Grimm]
I once met a girl in the valley and
Half black half Italian
Ass like a stalian
Coke bottles shake
As she likes to watch herself on tape
Breakin nuts shake, but wait there's more
She keeps my nuts in her mouth like a squirrel
Pranksta with a pearl
Held my balls so long
I call trouble when I'm with my girl

[Warren G]
There's a law for that
We ain't trippin, we hogs for that

[Chorus: Warren G and LaToiya - repeat 4X]
It ain't nuttin wrong with you
Me and you
(we do it nasty, nasty)

I met this Puerto Rican named Sehonnie
She was as bad as Carmen
Chillin in New York and I cracked her in Spanish Harlem
Straight dime
Body bangin like a baseline
And the face fine
I had to spit dip waste time
Mr. Passionate
Everything her body was immaculin
The presence like a gift to men and got packaged

[Boss Hogg]
Fuckin fabolous
She say "damn he fat"
Then I still fuck the ass (how you do that)
Push up on 'em till they fall to the plot, damn it
Uh, hog 'em while they fuckin roll, goddamn it
Call me fat boy with a fat dick to mash
To lick me baby and I might lick you back

Lickin you back
She's gaggin with a dick in her trap
And stickin is fat
I'll pull it out and tickle your cat

[previous Chorus]

[Warren G]
I put the smash on her like Shaq
She want the cash on her
I ain't havin that
You need to check yo' trap
I got rose cap
G'd up, 213, please believe that

[Mista Grimm]
I stay pimpin in a bubble I Benz
With hoes stubbled up and cuddled in the back with my friends
I slide up on 'em like a cross fader
The hook up later
And serve this dick like a waitor
I ain't tryna date her

When it comes to bitches
I got more game than the olympics
I get up in their mind and analyze and twist this, psychology
For no reason I'm recievin apologies
Break her down mentally
Have her stockin and follow me

[Boss Hogg]
Trick be swallowin me
For a nine on the vein
'cause I'm the fuckin boss, she's my employee
I ain't hatin, I appreciate you freaky ass style
Yo nasty ass ?, eat a dick and smile

[previous Chorus - 2X]

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Album: Worth Fighting For Lyrics
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