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Heaven Lyrics

Heaven by Walter McCarty  

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Heaven You must have came from up above

When I'm with you, I feel like a child on christmas day
You give a love so true
A love I've never known till I met you
Being with you, sends me on a high so high
I'm lost without you I wouldn't know what to do
Girl it feels like I'm in heaven

Feels like heaven when I'm with you
Feels like heaven, (heaven, heaven)
Feels like heaven, makes me feel brand new
And I'm never gonna leave your side

I couldn't ask for more, cause you give me all the love
One man could stand
And it feels good, and it feels so right
Oh yes it does
The things you do sure keeps me satisied
You set my soul on fire, and I never
No not never, ever felt this way
Ever felt this way before

It feels like heaven when I'm with you
There's no place I rather be
Then with you

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