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Truly amazing Lyrics by Waiting


Truly amazing by Waiting

Every fruited plain's been traveled
Every spacious sky I flew
Every purple mountain's leveled
All the majesty I knew
Still I hear Creation singing
Her song sails through the land
For She still knows her Maker
How She lovers her Master's hand

And She's been singing for a lifetime
While I've been deaf as a stone
But today I'm dancing on the fottstool
And singing to the Throne, and now I'm...

Where I belong, joined in a song
You're truly amazing
I'm looking at You, I tell You
The view is truly amzing

Well, the same Big Hands that made me
Made the biggest skies I've seen
And the same Big Eyes that cry for me
Are watching every living thing
So the skies they never argue
And Creation won't complain
Though She's been victimized and brutalized
She shudders only at One Name

And I know I've been afraid of
Every little thing
But today I join Creation
When I reaise my head and sing
She's opened my eyes, and now I'm...